The vast majority of businesses are unaware of the savings that are being missed by sitting on a phone contract for years and years.  Long gone are the rewards of staying with one company.

Bear Tech, as independant telecom brokers, can identify the best deal for your situation. If you decide to sign up with us, you will still receive your phone bill from the supplier.

Have you ever changed suppliers and not seen any change in your phone bills?  Have they gone up?

This is probably because you were not aware of the connection fee.  This is a fixed fee that is charged every time a call is connected.  You may also be unaware of minimum call charges.

When changing suppliers you need to ask the correct questions:

  • How long is the contract?
  • If it is more than a year, then why?  A Year is the minimum, but you may be able to sign up on trials for shorter periods.
  • What are the mobile costs?
  • These can drastically differ from one provider to the next.
  • Minimum call costs / Connection fees?
  • These can also drastically differ (ours are only 1p!)

If you need a review, at Bear Tech we are independant of all providers and will find you the best offer we can.  If we cannot find you cheaper phone calls, or you are already on an excellent contract we will not charge you anything.  If we find you an excellent contract for cheaper phone calls, we will still not charge you anything!