network cabling

Although it's probably the least visible part of your network infrastructure, the copper or fibre optic cabling that carries your voice, data and media around your office is a critical part of your communications strategy. Having a network cabling infrastructure takes away the need for multiple wiring systems and gives you a reliable, single system that can handle your traffic of any format.

A network cabling system outlives all other networking componants and represents 5% of the total investment

IP Convergence, streaming video and other multi-media applications are driving the need for a single, high quality network cabling solution.

Legacy systems lack the bandwidth needed to support sophisticated applications.

High quality network cabling is critical to business productivity and efficiency, underpinning the performance of the LAN and all its dependent applications.

We offer Category 5/5e/6/7 and fibre-optic solutions, all of which can be designed using copper or fibre-optic technologies

We provide a range of complementary support services including cabling audit, MAC (moves, adds and changes), testing and repair.