telecoms - Technology that grows with you.

Your telephone system is an integral part of your establishment and is your main tool of communication.  It is your primary link to your business partners, customers, suppliers, employees, colleagues, friends, and even family members.  We will support, install and maintain your new or old telephone system from our base in Ipswich, Suffolk.

- Bear Tech specialise in the installation, programming and maintenance of Panasonic telephone systems as their modular design means excellent cost effectiveness and longevity as they have long upgrade paths.

 - At busy times do your customers wait a long time for calls to be answered? By utilising Direct Dialling Inwards (DDI) it will allow your customers to contact individuals directly without    the need to go through the switchboard.

Telephone Systems

 - By integrating your phone system installation with your database you can recognise your customers details on screen before you pick up the phone.

 - Let us help you abandon written messages and incorrect note taking by utilising voicemail.  Customers and colleagues have the opportunity of leaving messages directly on your extension, safe in the knowledge they will be received.

 - Trunk to Trunk technology can seamlessly transfer calls that come into your system out to mobile phones or to other offices without the caller needing to redial.

 - Would it be useful to pick up all your messages, whether it be voicemail, email or fax while you are away from your office and all from one central point?

At BEar Tech we understand this and our team of highly trained installers are there to give you advice on what telephone system solution would be the most suitable for your business needs. If you want more information or a demonstration of what a phone system can do to increase the productivity and efficiency of your business, please contact us.